Master Plan Summary

We spoke with hundreds of community partners and analyzed extensive facility data to understand how our schools can best serve future generations.

Project Prioritization Survey Results

View insights from our District-wide stakeholder survey to help prioritize potential master plan projects.

Equity Analysis

This dashboard compares the number of students with diverse needs being served throughout the district.

Enrollment Trends

Use this report to understand the projected enrollment changes across the district.

Student Population Forecast by Residence

School Facility Program Funding

School Facility Program Funding is an important part of keeping our district up-to-date and a strong environment for student learning. Use this dashboard to understand the timeline of available funding through 2033.

Facility Conditions

Comparing facility conditions across campuses and cohorts. Use this dashboard to analyze what facilities may need to be prioritized based on their condition and replacement or repair costs.

Explaining Facility Conditions
What is the importance of facility assessments and how do they influence the development of the Facilities Master Plan?

Facility Maintenance

Our facilities will face maintenance needs over the next 20 years. Use this dashboard to understand the expected needs of each facility and the expected timeframe for these needs.

AB 300 Inventory
A list of buildings which are on the AB 300 Inventory for our district.

Probable Cost

Provide an in-depth analysis of each project being proposed at each campus.

Understanding the Master Plan Costs
Read how we these master plan project costs were calculated.
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Facilities Master Plan