Learning-Space Design Guidelines

Learning--space design guidelines, formally called Educational Specifications, help inform the community and future teams of the overall design intent of facility improvements to support and enhance student learning.

What is the vision?

These design guidelines inform the community and future design teams of the overall design intent of facility improvement projects. The focus is always on how physical space can support and enhance the learning experience.

Administration and Student Support Services

Central school administration ensures efficiency with support spaces, private meeting rooms, and a welcoming environment.

CTE Pathways

Dedicated spaces for hands-on learning in various educational stages, emphasizing CTE pathways.

Core Learning

Versatile classrooms support core learning, extended spaces encourage collaboration, and outdoor areas enhance the curriculum.


JROTC is a program fostering leadership and citizenship skills through classroom instruction and practical exercises with retired military instructors.

Media Center (Library)

The Media Center is a versatile space for individual and collaborative learning, fostering hands-on exploration and future-focused activities.

Nutritional Services & Dining

Our district supports academic success with free meals through the California Meals Act, promoting healthy eating through efficient distribution in welcoming spaces.

Physical Education & Athletics

Daily movement is incorporated in classrooms, transitions, and physical education spaces, with outdoor areas hosting after-school sports and events.

Safety & Security

Safe and welcoming school environments are ensured through controlled access, building security, and dedicated staff for social and emotional wellness.


Fullerton JUHSD science labs support diverse learning modes and subjects, including CTE pathways like animal science.


Site design is key to all aspects of the user experience.

Special Education

Special Education supports diverse needs with inclusive spaces, fostering flexible, co-teaching environments.

Visual and Performing Arts

Create uplifting spaces for music, dance, digital media art, and drama.
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